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The comprehensive and detailed picture of the GULAG provided by Euphrosinia Kersnovskaya is unique and impossible to reduplicate. This outstanding work easily acquaints with the subject and that is the reason why documentary makers and authors of research works on the GULAG as well as print media publishing stories on mass political repressions would like to use E. Kersnovskaya's drawings as illustrations when they need to show the GULAG accurately and succinctly.

The reprints however have always been accompanied by certain complications; more specifically, while the author was alive the drawings were published without her knowledge and consent, and after her death - without the consent of the copyright holder. As a result the drawings appeared in an alien context, logical errors or distortions in quality of her work reproduction happened. In some cases the interest in the drawings proved to be predatory in its nature and it was necessary to take measures including legal ones.

Recently, researchers, in particular from abroad, have approached me with requests for permissions to reprint or display one to five drawings. In this regard I would like to say the following:

E. Kersnovskaya's work despite publication of a large number of versions has not yet been published in full in the form it was created. There is no full version of her work in English too. Therefore, the drawings will be reprinted abroad only together with text (or captures) after its English translation is published. In this country the permission for reprint of drawings will depend on the context they are supposed to be placed in.

In some cases I will not be able to permit the reprint of some of E. Kersnovskaya's drawings as I wouldn't like them to:

A. Be the illustrations of research works (the texts of which have never been presented);
B. Be used as auxiliary or illustrative material for expression or promotion of other people's ideas;
C. Be displayed at collective exhibitions with no connection with the topic of E. Kersnovskaya's work.

An explicit answer will be given to any request for use of E. Kersnovskaya's drawings.

I. Chapkovsky, the heir for the literary copyright of Euphrosinia Kersnovskaya's work


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