Project and the site developed with the help of many people. We are immensely grateful to them.

N. Kudryavtseva, Tula 
Editing and alignment of the chronology of letters of E. Kersnovskaya. 
Work has taken about a year. 

L. Kotsishevsky, USA
Appeal to publishers in the U.S. and England: calls, letters, printing, transfer books and CDs.

Ostas V., Kishinev
Consultation Program, which laid out exhibition of the 100 th anniversary of VE Kersnovskaya in Moldova.

Svichkar T.,  Zhugulevsk 
Interviewed and sent the material for the site.

L. Novikova, Moscow 
Translated from the French and participate in the evenings memory.

Kamneva T.M., Moscow 
Engaging students with creative performances in the evenings in memory of E. Kersnovskaya

M. Kasatkin, Moscow 
Opened a group on the site "in contact" - "Euphrosyne Kersnovskaya": http://vkontakte.ru/club2232853

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About the project

About the project

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