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On his impressions from the book Kersnovskaya , about time and about himself tell residents Saint - Petersburg.

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|| 24-12-2020. Exhibition «Points of Intersection» in the Essentuki Museum

|| 08-03-2019. 25 years have passed since the death of Euphrosyne of Kersnovskaya

|| 27-07-2018. «I'm going to die in the sky. I'll fall headlong into the sunset ...»

|| 28-05-2017. Meeting in Moscow

|| 08-04-2017. «The strongest was the desire of Euphrosyne not to change for herself»

|| 30-10-2016. October 30 - the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression

|| 23-10-2016. The new edition of Euphrosynia Kersnovskaya' memoirs

|| 24-04-2016. Keeper of the memory of the resistance in the Gulag

|| 11-03-2016. Book of the week

|| 12-11-2015. Presentation of the book E. Kersnovskaya

|| 08-03-2015. March 8th - Day of Remembrance for E.A. Kersnovskaya

|| 07-03-2015. Response - in every heart

|| 23-02-2015. Presentation of two-volume album «True as the light» of E. Kersnovskaya in St. Petersburg

|| 28-12-2014. Fund SAMFAR donated E. Kersnovskaya books

|| 01-06-2014. Evfrosinia Kersnovskaya “Truth is like light. Illustrated memoirs of the 40-s and 50-s”

|| 13-03-2013. Teodor Ajder. And then - a miracle happened!

|| 02-01-2013. Knightly armor of Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya

|| 25-12-2012. 105th anniversary of Eufrosinia Kersnovskaia

|| 28-10-2012. Memories E. Kersnovskaya included in anthologies for school students

|| 14-10-2012. Fragment of E. Kersnovskaya memories - at the exhibition in Germany

|| 06-10-2012. Book review in the czech magazine «Guest»

|| 05-05-2012. Editions of E. Kersnovskaya book in Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic

|| 29-10-2011. Exhibition in Novgorod

||Saint Euphrosinia from the mine 13/15. Essay by A. Lvov in 1990 (Zapolyarnaya Pravda newspaper, Norilsk)

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