Evfrosinia Kersnovskaya Truth is like light. Illustrated memoirs of the 40-s and 50-s

 This edition consists of two volumes. The title was taken from the author’s manuscript: “Truth is like light! No ray of darkness ever penetrates into the space of light. That’s why your black lies fear truth.” – E. Kersnovskaya said when she was judged in a Stalin labour camp and unreasonably repressed in 1943.
Three introductory comments introduce the book. Below are some quotations from them.
Dmitry Muratov, “Novaya Gazeta” editor in chief: “…Those who saw Kersnovskaya’s drawings would never believe any textbook on contemporary history saying that the repressions in the USSR were justified as necessity to repress the enemy “fifth column”. A Renaissance artist lived and created tragic masterpieces in the era of political Middle Ages. It means that a Renaissance is still possible here”.
Roman Romanov, the director of the State museum of GULAG history: “…The experience of being imprisoned in a camp, transformed into a cultural heritage is extremely important to us today. Evfrosinia Kersnovskaya’s notebooks remind us who we are, where we come from and perhaps they will also prompt us how and where to we should head tomorrow”.
Igor Chapkivsky, the copyright holder of E. Kersnovskaya’s heritage: “… We have been constantly receiving a lot of requests from the visitors of gulag.su website to publish the next edition of the album as a printed representation has some advantages over its electronic version. We would like to express our appreciation to those who convinced us to prepare this album!”
Nikita Alexeev, who wrote the foreword for the book, ponders the question: “Why are Kersnovskaya’s albums and notebooks so valuable? After you read the text and see the pictures you will understand that they are one of the most important sources of historical information and one of the most powerful masterpieces of literature and drawing created in Russia in the 20th century».
Vitaly Schentalinsky notes in his afterword: “…She turned her life into a legend. Having walked the GULAG road of Calvary, she didn't see herself as its victim. She remained “a normal European” and she never betrayed the system of universal human spiritual values, she had accepted once and for all. This Book was her mission. All by herself she was creating a Monument of World Cultural Heritage which could be included in‎ the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its large-scale creative work”.
It’s up to the reader to open the book and make up his own opinion about it. For those who were putting the book together it was clear that having written the whole story in her now well-known notebooks, Evfrosinia decided to do it again, but this time in the form of an “album” which was a part of Russian nobility culture in the 19th century.
Supplements to underlines that had been not sufficiently extended were taken by the compilers from the text of Evfrosinia’s full story. Drawings whose subjects were important for the content but had not been published in the album version, were taken from the notebooks version and the samizdat version of the story.
Linking texts that contain summaries of Evfrosinia’s albums or parts of the albums help consolidate them. It makes album navigation easier for the reader while brief retrospective journeys, commentary to the text and the routs on the maps help see realities of those times much more clearly.

Bibliographic data:
Kersnovskaya E. “Truth is like light. Illustrated memoires of the 40-s and 50-s: in two volumes. – Moscow: Nelly Podgorskaya (Meier), 2014: portraits, illustrations (volume 1 – 412 pages, volume 2 – 428 pages).
Project conceptualization and management: Igor Chapkivsky, Nelly Podgorskaya.
Engrossment, textual links between the albums, routs on the maps – Galina Atmashkina.
Foreword – Nikita Alexeev
Afterword – Vitaly Shentalinsky
Design – Konstantin Tchubanov

The photo of the album on the website – Anton Bizyaev.

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