The strongest was the desire of Euphrosyne not to change for herself

 "The personality of the author and her fate are so impressive that it is very difficult to say something after her, it's very difficult," - K.Medvedeva wrote in her journal, but nevertheless she managed to impress her impression of the new edition of the book "What's a Human Being Worth".

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|| 24-12-2020. Exhibition Points of Intersection in the Essentuki Museum

|| 08-03-2019. 25 years have passed since the death of Euphrosyne of Kersnovskaya

|| 27-07-2018. I'm going to die in the sky. I'll fall headlong into the sunset ...

|| 28-05-2017. Meeting in Moscow

|| 08-04-2017. The strongest was the desire of Euphrosyne not to change for herself

|| 30-10-2016. October 30 - the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression

|| 23-10-2016. The new edition of Euphrosynia Kersnovskaya' memoirs

|| 24-04-2016. Keeper of the memory of the resistance in the Gulag

|| 11-03-2016. Book of the week

|| 12-11-2015. Presentation of the book E. Kersnovskaya

|| 08-03-2015. March 8th - Day of Remembrance for E.A. Kersnovskaya

|| 07-03-2015. Response - in every heart

|| 23-02-2015. Presentation of two-volume album True as the light of E. Kersnovskaya in St. Petersburg

|| 28-12-2014. Fund SAMFAR donated E. Kersnovskaya books

|| 01-06-2014. Evfrosinia Kersnovskaya Truth is like light. Illustrated memoirs of the 40-s and 50-s

|| 13-03-2013. Teodor Ajder. And then - a miracle happened!

|| 02-01-2013. Knightly armor of Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya

|| 25-12-2012. 105th anniversary of Eufrosinia Kersnovskaia

|| 28-10-2012. Memories E. Kersnovskaya included in anthologies for school students

|| 14-10-2012. Fragment of E. Kersnovskaya memories - at the exhibition in Germany

|| 06-10-2012. Book review in the czech magazine Guest

|| 05-05-2012. Editions of E. Kersnovskaya book in Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic

|| 29-10-2011. Exhibition in Novgorod

||Saint Euphrosinia from the mine 13/15. Essay by A. Lvov in 1990 (Zapolyarnaya Pravda newspaper, Norilsk)

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